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Medical device price is strictly limited

Masks, medicines, medical devices, anti-killing materials and other prevention and control materials, and raw and auxiliary materials operators implemented coordinated price increases, limited production, boycotts, tying, etc., all belong to monopolistic behaviors that prevent epidemic prevention and resumption of production, Will be strictly investigated and dealt with according to law. On April 5, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the “Announcement on Supporting Anti-epidemic Prevention and Control and Resuming Production and Anti-monopoly Law Enforcement” (hereinafter referred to as the “Announcement”).

In order to create a fair competition market environment, the "Announcement" proposes that the market supervision departments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities should strictly investigate and deal with monopolistic behaviors that hinder epidemic prevention and control, resume work and resume production, and harm the interests of consumers. Controlled materials and raw and auxiliary materials such as medicines, medical devices, anti-killing supplies and other auxiliary materials, utilities such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, and other industries and fields closely related to people's livelihood Monopolistic agreements such as markets, boycotts, fixed or limited resale prices, and unfair high prices, refusal to trade, limited transactions, tying or attaching unreasonable trading conditions, and differential treatment of abuse of market dominance. Typical cases are publicly exposed in time.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, any unit or individual found that the operator was engaged in a monopoly agreement, abuse of market dominance and other suspected monopoly behaviors, or the administrative authority and organizations authorized by laws and regulations with the function of managing public affairs abused administrative power to exclude or restrict competition Or if a policy measure is introduced in violation of the fair competition review standards, it may file a complaint and report to the General Administration of Market Supervision.

Operators and consumers can conduct anti-monopoly business consultations, exemption applications, and complaint reports related to epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production to the General Administration of Market Supervision by telephone, e-mail, fax, mail, and public messages on the website. The General Administration of Market Supervision will contact the contact person within 2 working days, actively respond to the demands of operators and consumers, fully protect the fair competition in the market, safeguard the interests of consumers, and provide strong support for epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production.

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